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AOSED: Ensuring Safety and Health of Khulna City Residents in COVID-19

AOSED is contributing to COVID-19 efforts through the distribution of personal protective equipment to safeguard waste collectors and mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on beneficiary families in Bangladesh through the educational campaigns, as well as the provision of hygiene kits and emergency food support.


An Organization for Socio-Economic Development (AOSED)

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As the world continues to combat and contain COVID-19, Bangladesh is not an exception as the country has recorded over 1.5 million cases as of September 2021. There are many households that lack the necessary information and resources to protect themselves and reduce the risk of transmission of the virus.

The pandemic also further affects different segments of the population in Bangladesh disproportionately. One of these groups include waste collectors. In Khulna City Corporation, there are around 1200 individuals who go door to door collecting waste for daily wages. Almost all of them are neither able to maintain appropriate safety measures nor able to afford personal safety equipment, such as face masks and protective gowns. As such, they are in a much more vulnerable position due to the nature of their work.


AOSED is committed to combatting the COVID-19 pandemic in Khulna City. Our efforts include:
  • Awareness raising campaign: Conducted COVID-19 awareness campaigns in the village, city and slum areas in the Khulna district. Easy reading leaflets and posters on maintaining hygiene practice and social distancing were designed and distributed.
  • PPE and hygiene kit distribution: Distributed hygiene kits and personal protective equipment to frontliners, such as the police, health workers, and waste collectors and 2600 households. More support is needed to provide such resources to the rest of the waste collectors to help them maintain a healthy and safer work environment.
  • Communication with beneficiaries: Maintaining communication with direct beneficiaries during the pandemic through telephony to keep track of their health condition and have provided medical and financial support to beneficiaries.
  • Emergency food support: Provided food support for one month to 200 families in Khulna areas who experience food insecurity. Many of these target beneficiaries are currently unemployed.

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