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Apon: Ensuring the Wellbeing of Industrial Workers

Apon strives for better health and wellbeing of low-income industrial workers – increasing real income, free financing and no cost life and health insurance through a sustainable retail system.


Apon Wellbeing Ltd.

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Market of Implementation

  • Bangladesh


Apon envisions to the wellbeing of the 71M industrial workers (especially textile and apparel, leather, etc.) of which most of them are low-income (<$100 monthly) earners.

As COVID-19  hit, many of them lost their job and rest has fallen under the pay-cut (around 30%) which badly affected their livelihood. In general, the lack of better product knowledge and access to quality products are a big concern for this worker group.

Furthermore, the exploitation by the neighbouring retail and high-interest credit facilities are prevailing there which resulted in the vicious cycle of poverty for them. This badly impacted their healthy life and they can't afford the minimum health care. In most cases, the female members of the family are the main sufferers who are the 50% of the overall population of the country.


Apon establishes fair price grocery stores inside large textile factories premises and the workers can pick and pay up to 10% less than the market retail price. Female workers are always a priority and they can buy from a list of female product bucket with the other existing products and can get free delivery.

With USD $69 purchase in 3 months, workers can gain access to zero-cash health coverage, allowing for get free medical, diagnoses, hospitalization, maternity benefit and prescriptions from a doctor up to USD $200 per year. They also get a life insurance coverage of USD $300.

The workers also can buy the items on credit and under this facility they buy for the whole month and the credit amount got adjusted with their next month salary. During Covid-19, Apon put special focus on nutrition improvement through subsidized baskets of affordable nutrition, increased income through additional discounts and hygiene and nutrition awareness for 30,000+ workers.

As of 2021, we have reach over 70,000 workers, impacted 23,000 lives and generated over $130,000 in savings across 13 outlets.

To learn more about our work, refer to our slide deck here.

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