Exceed Social Enterprises (ESE)

ESE and its owner, Exceed Worldwide are utilising a twin-track strategy to scale-up access to Prosthetic & Orthotic (PO) education and services in both the charitable and private sectors.


Exceed Worldwide with Exceed Social Enterprises

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There is a massive and often overlooked Prosthetic and Orthotic (P&O) health challenge in many parts of the world, including Asia. 80% of those who need P&O services do not have access to them, because of an acute shortage of Prosthetist Orthotists and P&O technicians (the professionals who deliver services) and P&O services. At least 3 million people in Southeast Asia alone do not have access to P&O services. Ageing populations, changing lifestyles and an increase in the prevalence of non-communicable diseases, like diabetes, will drive this figure up to 4 million by 2025 – unless something is done. Most Governments seem unable or unwilling to address this huge health challenge, but INGO Exceed Worldwide, with Exceed Social Enterprises, has responded by devising a twin-track, self-sustaining model to scale up P&O education and the level of P&O service provision, so that the P&O challenge can be addressed on an appropriate scale. The envisaged change and level of social impact will be massive – Exceed Worldwide currently has the capacity to treat and support around 10,000 patients per year but, within 15-20 years, a combination of Exceed Social Enterprises and Exceed Worldwide could treat a balanced mix of over 500,000 patients each year.


Socio-economic change in Southeast Asia means that social enterprise can be used to provide a self-sustaining solution to the P&O health challenge. Developments include economic growth, growing wealth, the emergence of an aspirational middle class and increasing need for P&O services. Exceed Social Enterprises has two divisions – Exceed P&O (private clinics) and Exceed S&D (supply and distribution of P&O products). Profits from these social businesses will be used to support Exceed Worldwide’s charitable services and, as Exceed Social Enterprises grows, to support the expansion of P&O education and the charitable and private P&O sectors. This will ensure that the capacity needed to meet the P&O challenge is there and that people who live in poverty are not left behind. Our initial aim is to establish Exceed Social Enterprises in 4 countries and expand from this base. It currently trades in 3 countries and has started well. The supply and distribution business has performed more strongly than anticipated and private clinics are making good progress, as awareness of a new service and brand in new markets increases. Exceed Social Enterprises is in the early development stage, has had an encouraging start and additional investment will enable the enterprise to progress quickly.

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