Field Trials on Probiotics

A joint project with JAPFA that tested the practical efficiency of probiotics in place of harmful antibiotics. The enhanced performance and yield could directly benefit livestock farmers financially.


Myanmar Innovative Life Sciences (MILS)

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  • Myanmar


Anti-microbial resistance will be the leading cause of death in the future, and livestock animals constitute the largest consumption of antibiotics. For livestock farmers in Myanmar, the absence of best agricultural practices and knowledge resources only exacerbate the problem. Especially for smallholder farmers, the Feed to Conversion Ratio (FCR) is not properly monitored and often unknown, and thus partially leading to higher mortality rates.


Probiotics are the ideal replacements for antibiotics for diseases via digestive tract. They are harmless in nature and more efficient in terms of yield. The project results indicate that the probiotics, which are derived from specific local strains of Myanmar, can maintain the bad bacteria to a minimum and thus leading to better health and free from antibiotics. With increased FCR and lower mortality rates, yield per acre can be increased, resulting in better financial returns for livestock farmers. At the same time, this complements the global effort to combat anti-microbial resistance.

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