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Solve Education: Forest Protection Through Education

Solve Education! is working with Golden Agri Resources (GAR) to use innovative platforms and technology in educating school-going children in rural Indonesia, specifically in areas which are vulnerable to deforestation via encroachment and fire.


Solve Education!

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Golden Agri International Pte Ltd (GAR)

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  • Indonesia


Best outcomes in forest conservation are achieved when local communities living in the forest landscape take ownership, adopt and combine best practices in protection with traditional modes of harvesting forest produce. 

Golden Agri Resources (GAR) has implemented various programmes to encourage and support such practices in areas which are proximate to its concessions. GAR embarked on an education programme targeted at children of school-going age. Key concepts like the importance of forests, high-risk activities and fire prevention are taught using characters which are easy to relate to and presented in a fun way to appeal to the target audience.

A pictorial book was released via schools in various areas in Indonesia and has proven to be very popular. We believe there is a lot of scopes to expand upon this concept to inculcate desired values and knowledge to children particularly in vulnerable areas. Our challenge is to scale up while still be able to collect the impact report.


GAR and its subsidiary companies operate in mainly rural areas in Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Papua. It runs or supports a total of 112 schools at the primary and secondary level in these areas. Working with GAR provides direct access to these schools where the programmes can be implemented and monitored closely, benefitting the target groups directly and with minimal overheads and leakage of funds.

Solve Education!'s platforms can take GAR education programme further by bringing the characters to life and applying pedagogical concepts to make the learning more immersive and impactful. This collaboration would also allow more data to be collected in real-time to measure the real impact of the programme and allow it to reach more young people in remote communities in Indonesia.

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