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The project aims to produce crickets as a sustainable high protein and high mineral food source for human consumption through collaborating with local farmers in Vietnam for crickets farming.


Cricket One

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Market of Implementation

  • Singapore
  • Vietnam


Our population will reach 9.5 billion people by 2050. Food production needs to increase 70% to keep up with the growth. Our food system is broken. On one hand livestock production is among the most polluted industry accounting for 25% water consumption and 25% GHG. On the other hand, resources constraint and climate change make food production harder and harder, and in many areas agriculture yield is falling sharply.

On another front, we have 900 million people living in poverty and increasing since affordable food is not available. 2 billion people are protein & mineral deficient especially pregnant women and infants.

Producing high quality, and affordable food to feed the current and the future population is becoming an urging need.


crickets of Cricket OneCrickets are the solution. Environment-wise, crickets require fewer inputs to produce the same output. To produce 1 kg of crickets requires 1.5 kg of feed, 2 litre of water, one month, 0.1 sqm, and almost no greenhouse gases. In contrast, to produce 1 kg of beef require 12 kg of feed, 22000 litre of water, 2 years, and tons of greenhouse gases.

Nutrition wise, cricket powder contains 75% protein, more iron than beef powder, more calcium than milk, more potassium than banana, more zinc than oysters. Crickets are definitely the social protein we need to combat the nutritional deficiency especially mineral deficiency of pregnant women and infants.

Cricket One establishes the production relationship with local farmers in Vietnam through training and investing in farming facility, and purchasing agreement. Cricket One process crickets into powder, cricket oil, water-dissolve powder for food producer to use in clinical food, sports & nutrition, and staple food.

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