GARV Toilets

GARV Toilets addresses the acute shortage of well-maintained public sanitation solutions in urban and peri-urban areas in India by providing Eco-friendly and self-sustainable portable toilets benefiting the under-served communities.


GARV Toilets

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Ennovent India Advisors Pvt Ltd

Ennovent India Advisors is an Indian based company that accelerates innovations creating a sustainable impact on low income people.

Market of Implementation

  • Bhutan
  • , India


As a child, Mayank Midha remembers how his mother and sister suffered during long distance journeys in India. There were hardly any decent public toilets on the way and there is still a shortage of well-maintained public toilets in India.


1GARV Toilets addresses the acute shortage of well maintained public sanitation solutions in urban and peri-urban (outskirts) areas by providing smart, eco-friendly, and self-sustainable portable toilets, of which are maintained and monitored with the integration of smart technology (RFID enabled dashboards and GPS tracked CleanTeam) to benefit the underserved communities. GARV works with government bodies and CSR agencies to provide this sanitation solution, structure regular maintenance contracts, and sell the advertising rights to generate margins that will ensure affordability to the end users.

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