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We are a platform to link up people who face difficulties in life with resources from funders and care from volunteers to make charitable giving a part of everyone’s life.


Great Heart Charity Association

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  • Malaysia


Underprivileged families in Malaysia face huge gaps in receiving the support they need. Families that manage to garner large publicity and media attention are able to receive adequate support for their predicaments, while others with no access to these channels are still struggling.

Some of these groups, when faced with financial hardships and illnesses at the same time, may even decide not to seek treatment due to affordability issues. This results in the loss of lives and livelihoods, as their dependents may also be adversely affected thereafter.

At Great Heart Charity Association, we are providing direct support to these groups, channeling funds and resources to help these families better manage their expenses.


Great Heart Charity delivers our solutions via two prongs: physical support and mental support.

For physical support, we actively provide resources to the most-needy, including food, groceries, and other daily necessities. We provide funds for disadvantaged people who are going through health difficulties and require financial assistance for costly medical treatments. We also provide study allowances and other learning resources to needy students who are facing financial difficulties to support their education.

For mental support, we encourage people to stay optimistic and take care of the mental wellbeing of our beneficiaries by organising communal activities for them, and involving them in volunteering opportunities as well.

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