GREAT Women Stock Purchase Fund

The GREAT Women Stock Purchase Fund is a working capital fund for threads for, and textile purchases from micro-women weavers, cooperatives and indigenous peoples. It is guaranteed by GREAT Women.


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IISLA Ventures Ltd

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  • Myanmar
  • , Philippines


Backstrap, handloom weavers and indigenous peoples lack working capital. They also do not have enough market understanding to open new markets that would put more value in their artisan creations. They need help for upgrading and value-adding through product development, design and weaving technicalities so their textiles so these could be sold at premium in lifestyle-directed usage. They use imported polyester threads they can buy in their markets and whose range of colors are limited. The preservation of cultural heritage and tradition is fast disappearing as global fast fashion brands threaten the small hand weaving groups. Indigenous weavers need to document age-old traditional motifs, while being open for innovation so they can sustain livelihood and revitalize their culture through new innovations rooted from traditions. Traceability of textile source is also being addressed. Designers want to use artisan textiles but need the guarantee of production and order fulfillments.


Great Women ASEAN women micro textile enterprisesThe project addresses the financial, product development and production capacity gap as GREAT Women guides them to market and sales. The hand-holding inclusive process also shows the financial and enterprise empowerment that happens when the women become part of the supply chain of GREAT Women as we begin to standardize their processes, systems, document traditional motifs and innovations. Production capacities are expanded and the output is maximized. This process also checks the reliability of each weaver or group in fulfillment of production orders. This allow GREAT Women to create more impact both in the supply chain and the market reach. The GREAT Women Brand Platform guarantees this fund towards sustainable livelihood, enterprise experience of the micro-women weavers through supply chain inclusion, financial literacy, production processes, focused entry of their textiles into niche and specialty markets. This process addresses women's economic empowerment.

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