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Hagar International: Empowering Women for a Better Future in Cambodia

Hagar International is helping female survivors of human trafficking and slavery to receive career counselling and business planning assistance as part of their healing process, strengthening their financial security.


Hagar International

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  • Cambodia


Cambodia sits at 146 out of 189 ranked countries in the Gender Inequality Index (2018), and is numbered in the top ten countries in the world with the ninth highest estimated prevalence of modern slavery. 70% of Cambodian women are estimated to be in vulnerable employment situations, increasing their likelihood of exploitation.

Economic empowerment and increased financial literacy are critical components in providing vulnerable women and girls with the opportunity to live independently, increase their financial resilience and make decisions that impact on their development. Increased household income means that families will be less susceptible to traffickers who prey upon poor families with promises of wealth, thereby creating systemic change through preventing trafficking from taking place.

At Hagar, we are doing the important work to support such women.


Female survivors of human trafficking and slavery have identified the need to strengthen their economic livelihoods and financial security to be wholly economically self-sufficient.

At Hagar, our Project seeks to provide career counseling and business planning to aid these women, and determine their best path forward: either entering the workforce as an employee, on-the-job training, or establishing a small business. Through this project, each woman will be supported by an experienced mentor and connected to a sharing group for mutual support and confidence building.

The project addresses SDG 5 using best practice to build women’s leadership and enable greater rights to economic resources. The project mirrors Cambodia’s Gender Strategic Plan to promote women’s economic empowerment by providing vocational and business skills needed to find employment. It will enhance women’s self-esteem and build a support network, more cognisant of their human and employment rights and more capable of achieving economic independence.

For more information on our work, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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