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Hagar International: Improving Livelihoods for Vulnerable Women in Vietnam through Microloans

Hagar International is providing vulnerable women in Vietnam access to economic empowerment opportunities; awareness of gender-based violence, gender equality and their rights; and increased voice in their community.


Hagar International

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In remote areas in Vietnam, many women are under-educated, have limited economic opportunities outside of the household, and have limited life skills needed to establish productive working relationships.

To make matters worse, economic hardships in their households and traditional socio-cultural norms have resulted in the high prevalence of gender-based violence.

Research shows that the economic empowerment of women leads to the increased realization of women’s rights and the prioritization of household finances toward their children’s health and education. Experience has shown Hagar that by linking grants and small business development with female household members, a significant reduction in gender-based violence will be reported in almost 90% of households in the short term.

It is clear that there is a pressing need to advocate for the unheard voice in the community and allow increased access to economic empowerment opportunities, and Hagar International has the solution for this.


At Hagar International, we aim to improve the livelihoods of vulnerable women in Vietnam in the following ways:
  • Access to Income Generating Opportunities- small-scale livelihood activities from their households will be established through establishing business plans and microloans. Training in agriculture, animal husbandry, business management and financial planning will ensure the successful implementation of the business ideas and utilization of the economic empowerment grant.
  • Awareness of Gender Equality and Violence- To build knowledge of rights in local communities, and promote gender equality and women’s empowerment. This leads to sustainable and inclusive growth, stability and security.
  • Capacity Building- This project aims to shift the focus from individual beneficiary support to enhancing their capacities to be active agents in their own protection. By so doing, protection and prevention strategies are improved and participants are recognized as resources rather than as passive beneficiaries of services.

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