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Hagar International: Nurturing Vulnerable Children in Afghanistan

Hagar International is providing a safe space for vulnerable children from internally displaced people camps in Kabul, Afghanistan to learn and grow.


Hagar International

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In Afghanistan, the sudden change of government, the Taliban’s rise to power, combined with the lack of support from the international community are detrimental to Afghans. This leads to a multitude of problems, such as unemployment, lack of reliable access to food or basic medical care for their families.


Worse still, the new Taliban government is currently not able and willing to address these pressing needs. With government schools closed since August 2021, children are often deprived of education, with some not attending school and displaced since birth.


It is evident that there is a pressing need to address the issue of vulnerable children in Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps in Kabul to prevent the risk of human trafficking, neglect and abuse. In order to improve the living conditions to make learning and recreation conducive, Hagar International has the solution for this.


At Hagar International, we aim to address the issue of vulnerable children in Internally Displaced People camps in Kabul in the following ways:

  • Child Education and Protection Centres- We have opened 10 centres in 3 IDP camps and other locations in Kabul where the communities are deemed as high risks. Currently, over 330 children are enrolled in the centres.
  • Supporting Development- The centres provide access to basic education, after school programmes, healthcare, psychological support and day to day safety and protection for children aged between 7-13 years old.
  • Institutional Support-The project has received approval and registration from the line ministries including Ministry of Education and Ministry of Economy. With public schools not operational, this project has been widely welcomed by the new government as well.
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