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Haligi ng Bata, Inc. : Adopt-a-School Development Project

HBI’s Adopt-a-School Project focuses on the total improvement of impoverished rural Philippine public schools and the improvement of the schooling children’s parents’ capacity to earn a more sufficient income.


Haligi ng Bata, Inc. (Pillars for the Children)

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  • Philippines


There is a problem of underserved and underequipped public elementary schools in rural Philippines areas of La Union, Pampanga, and Bulacan that cannot improve their facilities on their own due to lack of funds and the inability of impoverished parents to donate or contribute to the schools. 

HBI believes that education is one of the components of breaking free from poverty, thus, the Adopt-a-School Project wants to provide a sustainable solution to ensure that even the most remote and impoverished rural communities would have access to quality basic education.


At HBI, we aim to solve the problem of underserved and underequipped public elementary schools in the following ways:

    • Facelift- The Adopt-a-School Project focuses on the improvement of the school such as its facilities, materials, amenities and teaching practices during the first half of its implementation.
    • Empowering and providing livelihood aid- Livelihood projects implemented through the Adopt-a-School Program not only benefit the family beneficiary but also the school since the school has a share in the livelihood’s income. The school’s income can be used to fund improvement projects once HBI exits the project area. The family beneficiaries, represented by organized and empowered HBI Area Leaders, have the final say as to how project income will be used by the school.
  • Rehabilitating sanitation and hygiene facilities- natural water filtration facilities will be installed to provide safe and clean drinking water. The project also aims to implement a health and sanitation program that trains parents more about waste management and trains children on proper toilet and latrine use, as well as good grooming and proper hygiene.

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