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SenzeHub: Remote Health Monitoring for Nursing Homes

Senzehub is launching an IoT-enabled, wearable platform solution in nursing homes for remote monitoring and capturing health information of seniors in real time with no pairing to mobile phones.



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In Singapore, caregivers in nursing homes in Singapore have difficulties monitoring tracking the health vital information of their patients. Furthermore, caregivers are not always present with their patients, and may not receive timely information when a patient's health indicators reach certain critical thresholds.

Gaps like these can lead to lapses, and patients may not receive the critical care and attention when they need it most. There is a need for an innovative solution to track and monitor the health information of patients in nursing homes, so caregivers and first responders can react, and support medical staff to tracking and documenting health readings.


At Senzehub, our solution directly addresses this gap of remote monitoring of health vitals for large populations. We provide continuous real time tracking and monitoring and an early alert system, which is specifically designed for the ageing population in nursing homes and even seniors who live alone at home.

We accomplish this by using our proprietary lightweight wrist wearable device that uses a bluetooth gateway mesh, and does not pair with a mobile phone. Our wearable device has built-in sensors (firmware and embedded systems developed in-house) to capture and track major health vitals, such as body temperature, heart rate, and oxygen saturation. It also captures falls and accurate location capturing within facilities, without the use of GPS.

Staff at nursing homes or hospitals may monitor all users' health vitals -captured and consolidated in a single dashboard- for review in real time. And they are alerted automatically if a critical threshold is triggered or a fall occurs. We believe that our solution can empower our healthcare workers to manage their patients' health much more effectively.

For more information on our work, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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