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Healthcare for Sex Trafficking Survivors

Provides immediate medical assistance for women and girls rescued from human trafficking and slavery upon their return in Vietnam.


Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

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According to the US State Dept, Vietnam is primarily a source country for the trafficking of women and girls, and the main destination countries are China, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia, with China representing 70% of all women trafficked from Vietnam.

Blue Dragon has rescued over 250 women and girls from the sex industry and forced marriages and returned them to Vietnam. When they return they often have health problems that require urgent attention to support them to recover. Blue Dragon has established good relationship with hospital and clinic in Hanoi so that survivors can access safe and friendly health services.


Blue Dragon takes every survivor to the doctor for a health check and full reproductive and sexual health check-up. We then support the costs of treatment whenever necessary, and provide training for these girls and women on health issues such as sexually transmitted diseases, proper nutrition and hygiene.

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