HealthyFarm improves the entire clean food value chain in Vietnam through a multi-level approach: increasing supply, enabling a fair income for farmers & guaranteeing transparency & affordable prices for consumers.


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Currently, there are issues facing the entire value chain, from smallholder farmers struggling to make ends meet, families unaware of who to trust or unable to pay the high prices for certified food to businesses wanting to buy from local farmers but struggling due to the lack of professionalism and reliability. Agriculture in Vietnam is poorly regulated and the country lacks a trusted certification system. Inefficient gaps in the agriculture value chain lead to high spoilage, high prices and make clean food a luxury for the local community. To date, large offtakers are purchasing produce for F&B from the local markets, with unreliable supply and unknown origin. But due to their high demands, they cannot facilitate, consolidate or contract smallholder farmers.


HealthyFarm has grown into a recognized, trusted brand and supplier of naturally grown, local and handmade products in Central Vietnam. We are:
  • Supporting farmers (mostly women) via micro-investments and loans for inputs, training/management and purchase agreements at fair prices;
  • A trusted producer/supplier of clean produce ensured through transparent sourcing and testing processes;
  • Market access facilitator enabling growers to sell at farmers markets, a retail store, B2B network and online marketplace.
To meet demands we have innovated a commercial, tech farms with positive impact for smallholder farmers. This model consists of a central farm that overproduces seedlings that are then supplied to smallholder farms (outgrowers), ensuring a stable base income. For each 1,000 sqm central unit, 2 local farmers will be hired for operations and 10-20 outgrower units will be installed in the surrounding farming community which will support up to 100 households per central farm.

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