High Touch Programme: Full STEAM ahead!

This is a 6-session programme that uses STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) in play and arts-based workshops that helps 40 7-12 y.o. children from marginalised backgrounds to develop 21st century life skills.


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We are highly focused on academic achievements and while this is one strong way to develop technical skills, leadership in this VUCA world requires 21st century life skills like creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and communication. These skills CAN BE developed through play and the arts. Children do not have enough opportunities that expose them to developing these life skills. The programme provides many opportunities to develop and hone in on these life skills. Not only with the activities, but with the playmaker’s open-ended style of facilitation during the programme.


We use the program to develop sustainable skills and executive functions in children 7 – 12 years old; creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration, self-awareness, self-regulation etc. Equipping Children from marginalized backgrounds with these skills will give them an added advantage as they navigate their challenging environments. The program is over 6 sessions and throughout these sessions, trust and confidence is built, which is a fertile ground and a safe space to develop these life skills using an open-ended play and arts approach. We seek to impact through the process of their development. Meaning, when the children create something, the output of that creation (how it looks or whether it works) is less important than the process of experimentation and learning.

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