Home-Based Palliative Care for Children

Provides children with cancer or HIV from marginalised communities in Jakarta free palliative care service at home so they don’t live or die in pain.


Rachel House

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It is estimated that there are close to 700,000 children in Indonesia living with life-limiting conditions and needing palliative care. Less than 1% of those children receive palliative care. Many children living with cancer, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular diseases, congenital anomalies, and other serious conditions continue to live and die in pain. Pain and distressing symptoms that accompany these illnesses continue to cause suffering and remain untreated due to the lack of health professionals trained in pain management and palliative care, as well as the low accessibility and availability of pain medications. With Indonesia having one of the lowest ratio of hospital bed to population, the national health system is severely overwhelmed and care is not always accessible by the poor. Moreover, when patients get sent home from hospital, there is little service available in the community to ensure that patients and their families continue to receive the care and support they need.


Rachel House provides palliative care services for children living with cancer or HIV coming from marginalised communities in Jakarta, at free of charge. Our palliative care-trained nurses regularly visit patients and their families in their respective homes, to treat their pain and symptoms so the children can enjoy optimal quality of life, free from pain. Our team works closely with the patients' primary physicians in hospitals, advocating for the patients' and families' wishes and best interests when their conditions cause pain or difficult decisions need be made regarding treatment. The nurses also provide emotional, financial, social, and spiritual support that is much needed by patients and families facing multiple issues associated with their illness, such economic hardship, social isolation, grief, and loss of loved ones.

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