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Our IMPACT v.1 initiative raises funding through beer sales to fight poaching of pangolins and small carnivores in Vietnam. We are equipping the rangers in Pu Mat NF to better track down poachers.


7 Bridges Brewing Company

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This is one of 5 ongoing social and environmental initiatives core to our mission. The pangolin is currently the most highly traded endangered species on the planet now. It is being driven toward extinction by Chinese and Vietnamese demand for its meat and scales. Our partner, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, has assisted the rescue of over 400 pangolins. The anti-poaching team in Pu Mat National Park destroyed 2,925 animal traps and 265 illegal camps, arrested 82 poachers and confiscated 17 guns in the first six months of 2018. However, they are poorly equipped to go deep into the forest beyond a one day hike. They need better equipment, more attention to their mission and incentives greater than pay-offs that poachers can pay.


Through our beer sales, we can directly fund the better fit out of the forest rangers and Save Vietnam’s Wildlife’s anti-poaching unit. Our customers belong to a demographic who seek meaningfulness in the products they consume and the mission of the producer. To this end, we set aside VND 15K (US$ 0.65) from each glass sale to fund such fit out. Just at the beginning of our initiative, we are selling over 100 glasses a week of IMPACT v.1. This long term project aims to raise enough sustained funds for SVW to retrain ex-poachers, fit out the rangers and anti-poaching unit, purchase costly food (farm raised ants) for rescued pangolins and even offer cash rewards for the ranger unit with the most successful capture rate of poachers.

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