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Improving the living conditions in slums

W&L aims to improve the living conditions of people living in precarious urban neighbourhoods, by increasing access to water in homes, community building and training in environmental awareness.


Water and Life Philippines

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Access to safe drinking water has been a human right since 2010, but this is still not guaranteed in precarious neighbourhoods. This lack of access to water in these densely populated areas leads to the rapid transmission of water-borne diseases, the proliferation of pests and a vicious circle of poverty because access to water is very expensive.


W&L has chosen to invest in these populations that are too often left out and aims to improve their living conditions in a sustainable way by providing quality water and services to all inhabitants, with fair and inclusive pricing. Complementary services such as waste collection and sanitation can also be deployed after a diagnosis of the territory.

To manage the networks and the paying services, the association calls on E&V Tubig Pag-Asa (TPA), a Philippines-based company. TPA becomes the sole client of the local water operator, and builds its own water network (thanks to subsidies from the association) from the operator's network. The company then micro-manages its network, including daily billing, door-to-door payment collection, development of unique management software and network maintenance. W&L works hand in hand with TPA to ensure a high quality service to users. W&L is located in the heart of the neighbourhoods, which allows the creation of local jobs and proximity with all stakeholders.

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