Inclusive Business Replication

The aim of the project is to enable traditional businesses to transform into inclusive businesses that employ, educate and rehabilitate at-risk youth in the Philippines.


Messy Bessy Cleaners, Inc.

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Claire Chua

xchange is a incubate social enterprises based in the Phillipines.

Market of Implementation

  • Philippines


In the Philippines, there are approximately 5 million young adults aged 18-30 who are out of school and a decent job. Without a college diploma, a Filipino’s employability is only at 17%. More so, a single diploma diminishes an entire family’s poverty incidence rate from 42% to 2%. These 5 million young adults have no chance of lifting themselves out of poverty without the opportunity to secure a college diploma. To secure one requires both financial and psychosocial interventions. The problem is not just the incapability to pay for a college education but also in the inability of the young adult to have the proper mindset to help one’s self. While inclusive businesses with unique holistic practices (as proven by Messy Bessy) have been proven to be a viable way to address this problem, many capable businesses do not have the know-how to jumpstart and sustain practices that employ and empower at-risk young adults in a way that also benefits the employer.


The solution can be addressed through 4 key action plans:
  1. Continue to provide employment for at-risk youth who are typically not considered for regular jobs. The work opportunity is supplemented with training on hard skills (book keeping, administration, Microsoft office, business writing, etc.) as well as soft skills (professionalism, communication, etc.)
  2. Capacity Building of Business Partners by imparting the training modules (as mentioned in #1) and the Inclusive Business Leadership framework that was incubated within Messy Bessy. The framework includes inclusive business culture and best practices, working student administration, psychosocial development for vulnerable individuals, family and community engagement, employee burn out prevention, strategic partnership development.
  3. Subsidized Working Student salaries to encourage partner businesses to test an inclusive employment model without placing too much burden on their business operations. By initially funding the salaries of the students, businesses can readily accept them into their workforce to test the viability of the new initiative.
  4. Replication Team to execute partnerships and monitor the adapted programs within partner businesses.

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