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Independent Transport for Persons with Intellectual Disability

Enables persons with intellectual disabilities to be independent commuters within Singapore through a digital platform that allows caregivers to plan and monitor their daily commute.



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In recent years, there are growing efforts for inclusion of persons with intellectual disability into the society and the workforce, so that they can live a more meaningful life. Being independent in their commuting is key, so that they can get to and from these activities.

This project provides a technology platform, in the form of mobile applications, that supports them being independent in their commuting.


The persons with intellectual disability with a very simplified app with predefined routes, with pictures and simple instructions, as well as the ability to consult with their caregivers via the app, or communicate their needs with the people around them.

For the caregivers, an app is provided to allow them to preset specific routes for their loved ones, see their location in real time, and whether they have strayed from their route.

This provides the persons with intellectual disability a digital guide that helps them with their journey's challenges, and provides their caregivers with the ability to set and monitor, to support their loved ones and have peace of mind that they are safe.

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