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Internet Connectivity for the Sherpas

Bringing fiber optic connectivity to Sherpa villages in Nepal and working alongside the community as they build new economic opportunities in the face of climate change.


Internet Society

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  • Nepal


The Sherpa people of Nepal have called the Himalayas home for hundreds of years. In the villages of Khunde and Khumjung, a community of 1,700 people are working hard to make a living, raise their families, and maintain their way of life.

Their main source of income is tourism, supporting climbing expeditions on Mt Everest. But climate change is taking its toll on the industry. As thinning glaciers and unpredictable weather make climbing more dangerous, residents see their livelihoods at risk. The outmigration of young adults also threatens the sustainability of the villages and local culture.

The community is working on new ideas to diversify their economy, but the area’s difficult terrain, remote location, and lack of infrastructure pose great challenges. The nearest road access is a 2-week hike away and telecommunications are limited.

For the residents of Khunde and Khumjung to turn their vision to reality, they need a way to connect easily with the world beyond the mountains. At Internet Society, we are working to tackle the issue of their limited Internet access.


Reliable, affordable Internet will open a world of opportunities for Khunde and Khumjung, helping them overcome the challenges of their remote location and build new sources of income. The Internet can also improve access to education, health care services, and more, making mountain living more sustainable. At Internet Society, we aim to address the issue of limited Internet access in the villages of Khunde and Khumjung in Nepal.

In 2022, Internet Society worked with villagers to install a wireless community network connecting the Khunde community center and Khumjung school to the Internet and making them Wi-Fi hotspots for the community. The response has been enthusiastic, but it’s become clear that residents need a stronger signal, faster connectivity, and more access points than the current network can provide.

In 2023, the community has plans to install high-speed fiber optic cable in collaboration with Nepal Airlink, a local Sherpa-owned company. Fiber optic cable technology will bring a stable and speedy Internet connection to the 1,700 residents of these two villages to expand access to health, economic, and educational opportunities. Internet Society will work with them on deployment and to support training and initiatives to help residents maintain and make the most of their connectivity.

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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