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JALODBUST: Eradicating Manual Scavenging in India through Technology

Eradication of Manual Scavenging by Technology through mechanized wet-sanitation. Innovate affordable Techno-economic machine to give Control on Income, safety and dignity to the sanitation worker



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Deaths of Manual Scavengers is the obvious problem and it has been impossible to end this problem so far because its roots are deep and wide.

The menace of Manual Scavenging may have started a few millennia ago, perpetuated over time and space by various other evils like poverty, slavery, ethnic discriminations etc. It is painful that Manual Scavenging with its Life threats, perpetuation of poverty, ignominy and social discrimination exists even today. Manual Scavenger deaths are just the tip of the iceberg hiding big problems in social, economic, ethical, technical, legal, administrative and existential structure of human beings.

In India 120 Million Leach-pit Toilets do not have a machine to empty them as are 5 Billion people affected globally. Millions of Underground drainage Manholes choke and cause human exposure. Millions of septic tanks hold dense sludge that no machine can remove. Existing Vacuum tankers cause Manual Scavenging by need for sludge removal from their own tank


We at JALODBUST started with the problems faced by the Manual Scavenger as the Techno-economic model to work upon.

We developed a compact and affordable equipment that can be owned and operated by the Manual Scavenger. By owning and operating it, she/ he can become a Sanitation Micro-entrepreneur and get control on the work, risk and incomes that she/ he has to work on. The equipment SANI-PRENEUR is a battery powered one-person operated smart Machine which comes mounted on a Light Commercial Vehicle/ Tractor Trolley. It liquifies the settled sludge and pumps it, controlled by a smart controller, out to be transported in a sealed tanker while remaining isolated in sight smell and sight of the worker. It is a single person machine for dummies and can be used by both genders. Its communication module keeps the stakeholders aware of its activities and performance.

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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