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Jasberry seeks to Transform the lives of low-income farmers in Thailand by creating innovative organic products with global appeal.


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DBS Bank Ltd is an Asia-centric commercial bank focused on harnessing the region’s long-term potential as the centre of economic gravity shifts eastwards.

Market of Implementation

  • Thailand


The Northeast of Thailand is the most impoverished area of the whole country,” said co-founder Pornthida Wongphatharakul. “The land is low quality soil. They have only one rainy season. The farmers need to maximize the highest income they can get.”

“Everyone knows there is a problem with farmers’ poverty in Thailand, few businesses believe that for a problem to be solved in a sustainable manner, we need to have sustainable market solutions. It’s not just teaching – [you have to know] where you will sell the product. You cannot continue donating forever.”


Jasberry Rice“Jasberry rice” is a new variety of rice that combines both the delicious taste of the world famous Thai Jasmine rice and the powerful nutritional and antioxidant benefits of berries. Using this special rice breed and innovative farming management, we are currently working with over 1,000 small-scale farmers resulting in over US$1.72mn social benefits. To put this into perspective our farmers are earning 14 times higher income compared to an average Thai rice farmers, who are earning only US$0.42/person/day.

SO_Farmers_1While our company helps farmers break out of their poverty cycle, it is also financially sustainable. Through working on this venture for the past 4 years we have managed to achieve 149% CAGR (2012‐2014) and a revenue of US$ 554,000 and EBT of US$ 42,000 in year 2014. With secured supply, required organic certification and operations, we are ready to scale up Jasberry rice and develop several value‐added products. We have already exported to US and secured distribution partners in HK, NZ. We are looking for strategic partners to help us achieve our social and business mission to bring more than 20,000 farmers out of poverty by year 2019 and creating world-class organic products.

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