Javara Academy

Nurtures indigenous farmers, hunters and fishermen across Indonesia as entreprenuers by providing capacity building support and business tools.



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  • Indonesia


Over 24 million of Indonesia’s population is working in the agriculture sector. Since the implementation of green revolution, farmers are methodologically forced to move from being self-sufficient biodiversity farmers into monoculture and consumptive farmers. Consequently, the farmers no longer have resilience in dealing with family cash flow, crop failures, and price volatility. As a result, those farmers become subsistence farmers with no extra savings to grow productive assets. With the expansion of the family members, their land plots become smaller and smaller. Statistic in 2016 indicated that over 60% of the Indonesian living under the poverty line is the rural people (mostly farmers). Every year Indonesia is losing about 500,000 farmers (1.7%), as they are shifted to other source of livelihood. With limited land plots, low productivity, increase of agriculture inputs, expensive working capital financing, smallholder farmers are trapped into the vicious cycle poverty.


It is critical to solve the problem systematically by providing a business ecosystem platform that can nurture start-up grass-root creative industries. However, as any startups they need coaching programs, access to cost efficient income-generating technology and packaging as well as other capacity building supports. This role will be undertaken by JAVARA which has a proven business model, aggressiveness in doing market expansion, and series of best practices in nurturing rural entrepreneurs. In doing so, Javara Academy play the following roles:
  1. To open affordable access to home-scale food processing machineries and quality control equipment for start-up SMEs.
  2. To provide affordable consulting services on food processing, food safety, quality control, good manufacturing practices, brand and business management.
  3. To improve marketability and profitability of SME’s products by advancing brand, quality and innovation.

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