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Judies is a comprehensive sex education (CSE) game for teenagers. The game educates Thai teenagers aged 11-17 on safe sex practices, STDs, pregnancy, the body, relationships, sexuality, and gender.


Opendream Co., Ltd.

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ChangeFusion is a Bangkok-based organization that grow social entrepreneurs for creative and sustainable change.

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  • Thailand


Thailand ranks in the bottom 1/3 of South East Asian countries in terms of teenage pregnancy and STDs. Due to ineffective and incomplete instruction in the classroom, and cultural barriers to open discussion on sex and sexuality, many Thai teenagers turn to the internet for their sex education. Indeed, 90% of Thai students claim that they access sexual information online. Unfortunately, while the internet contains useful information typically inaccessible to the average Thai teenager, it also contains misguided harmful information that serves to bolster negative stereotypes and poor sexual practice.


In the "Review of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Thailand" by UNICEF and UNFPA in 2016, it was recommended that, "The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and the Ministry of Public Health should all have a role in communicating about sexuality education, for example by creating online learning materials such as games to provide alternative channels for learning about sexuality education topics to students and for teacher training."

Judies is a comprehensive sexual education game for Thai teenagers. The game was featured in the report as a novel CSE solution that effectively communicates with teenagers. We facilitate sex education through gamification, and reinforce healthy sexual practice by delivering knowledge in a fun and engaging way. Teenagers want to play Judies for the game because it is fun, not because it is mandatory learning in the classroom. The game is publicly available to any Thai teenager via their mobile device.

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