Enables students to revise English via phone calls and bridges the learning gap between school and home by providing a personalized learning platform outside of school.



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Market of Implementation

  • India


Pramodh Rai, a Singaporean who graduated from the city’s prestigious Nanyang Technological University (NTU), owes his roots to Uttar Pradesh. Pramodh, though born and brought up in Singapore, speaks Hindi at home and has grown up on Hindi heartland stories of how English remains a bugbear for Indian students, who cannot afford convent education and very often do not learn English alphabets till they reach Class one or two in Hindi medium schools. And when these students come back home, their Hindi-speaking parents cannot help them converse in English or write in English. At best, they can hire English tutors.


Jugnuu (जुग्नु ,”Firefly” in Hindi) bridges learning gap between school and home by providing a personalized learning platform outside school.

How are students learning better with Jugnuu?

  • Bridging the school-home gap. We provide out-of-school learning opportunities which encourage better retention of concepts
  • Interactive & personalized lessons. Our proprietary algorithm is able to challenge students with questions of varying difficulty levels based on their proficiency in the concepts tested by adapting to a student’s own competency level and needs.
  • Easy progress tracking. Our system allows tracking the progress of each student in every call. This allows teachers and parents to have near real-time feedback on his/her performance. In addition to lightening the burden of teachers in constructing too many assessments, this also helps make classroom sessions more meaningful – allowing targeted teacher intervention based on Jugnuu’s reports.
  • Highly affordable. We use low-cost basic mobile phones, which have a high penetration rate in India, Jugnuu is an affordable solution for families of various income levels which aspire to equip their children with high quality education.

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