Jungle Trading – Organic Coconut Water

We are launching an inclusivity-focused young organic coconut water brand by uplifting our farmers, leveraging our Asia-Pac distribution networks, and building a sustainability-centric brand.


JT Crops, Inc.

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Morningtide Capital Partners Pte. Ltd.

Market of Implementation

  • Philippines


For too long our farmers and their communities have been economic losers in the trading of their agricultural products. Now through the Jungle Trading ‘Farming Fund’ Program not only are the farmers economic winners, so too are their families and surrounding communities. Financial inclusion is not just about having a bank account, it is about making sure that everyone has fair access to the financial and trading systems. Not only do we increase the farm gate prices of agricultural product i.e. coconuts, moreover we integrate our member farmers within the economic success of our overall business through a unique, transparent and fully traceable dividend equity program.


We have successfully trialed a new form of cold processing for young coconut water that can achieve a refrigerated shelf life up to 12 months whilst maintaining cost and operational efficiencies to produce a global organic coconut water brand. This new form of cold processing maintains the natural flavor, appearance and nutrient profile, resulting in an end product that tastes exactly like the water from a fresh young coconut. These Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) allow us to achieve significant profit margins which we can not only enjoy as a company, but moreover channel back into our member farmers and their communities through our ’Farming Fund’ inclusive business program. Through the financial incentives of becoming a part of our ‘Farming Fund’ trading program, as well as opening a bank account with our local partner bank, our member farmers will enjoy an enhanced financial position through higher farm gate prices, lower COGS, quarterly dividends from the overall company.

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