Kalinga Fellowship 2017

The Kalinga Fellowship brings together the government, business and civil societies in an effort to bring about change and prevent girls from being sexually assaulted in Odisha.


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Kalinga Fellowship

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Dasra is an Indian Organisation that initiates to help both philanthropists and social entrepreneurs towards bringing about social change.

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There is a prevalence of violence against girls and women across India, in fact it is widely reported to be in the top five most dangerous places to be a girl in the world. There is much goodwill to change this in India, though as the good intentions of many has the ability to do, too many people, organisations and factions of government are pulling in their own directions, with their own strategies and with their own determinations of change and success. With so many trying to do good but going about it singularly and with their own vision, little is being done to make effective change. There are those looking to do good, to lead the change, but without the skills, techniques and resources to do so.


The Bridge Institute, via the Kalinga Fellowship, facilitated a five-day strategy event that will broach three high-level objectives: – To build a set of breakthrough strategies that will prevent and redress sexual assaults on girls in India – To provide each participant with leadership techniques, skills an methods which will enable them to lead this agenda, both at the Fellowship and afterwards – To create a cohesive governance team who will work together to drive these strategies through after the event The participants will include senior leaders of the police, the judiciary, the media, the business community and the education sector, amongst other critical sectors too. Each participant will be matched with a professional leadership coach, both throughout the five-day event and for one year afterwards.

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