The project aims to deliver safety and convenience to both Doctors and patients alike. KeepWell provides the venue for medical interaction in the comfort and safety of our client’s home.


KeepWell Telehealth, Inc.

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Morningtide Capital Partners Pte. Ltd.

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  • Philippines


The problem is three prong: First, as a result of a fragmented, ‘out-of-pocket’ convention, Filipinos will continue to service their medical needs through upfront payment of cash. This requires patients to visit their doctors physically, causing high incidental expenses, and an overwhelmed system. Second, the recent pandemic has highlighted the need for a more robust healthcare system that can immediately address the patient’s concerns. Third, Philippine health service has limited servicing capacity particularly to rural Filipinos. Lack of infrastructure has disabled rural patients from conveniently accessing the Medical service providers. Consequently Hospitals and Medical service providers have difficulty in addressing the needs of provincial patients primarily due to a lack of information and infrastructure access.


KeepWell creates a venue to host consultations digitally bringing immediacy, safety, and convenience to patients. By offering a digital platform that accepts a wide range of payment methods, whilst still prioritising the Doctor’s receivables turnover, we continue to service the average Filipino. This will result in less incidental expenses for our patients and simultaneously creates a more optimised healthcare system. Our platform is built around the needs of the Doctors in order to create a venue that mirrors the typical consultation experience. In so doing, we plan to emulate the doctor experience to ensure accurate diagnosis of their patients. By engaging in the platform, KeepWell effectively aggregates the information of patient needs and allowing for a more thorough understanding of the infrastructure needs in provincial locales. Our platform will function as the data aggregator to provide useful information for infrastructure and service deployments to the provinces.

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