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Komerce: Collaboration for Development

We aim to reduce poverty in Purbalingga. We train village youth so they are equipped with e-commerce skills, and collaborate with SMEs who are seeking talent in the area of e-commerce. This allows village youth to earn a salary without having to move to big cities.



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  • Indonesia


Purbalingga is a small town in Central Java and job opportunities are rare. Village youth who need to work end up having to go to bigger cities in order to get a job. Unemployment rates for village youth who decide to stay in the village are high and this also leads to poor quality of life. The decrease in the number of youth in the village also limits the development potential of the village.

On the other hand, despite their growing number, many SMEs in Indonesia experience difficulty in shifting to e-commerce, especially because it takes time and it is expensive to hire a capable team and pay monthly office rent. Additionally, SMEs also struggle with meeting production needs when having to handle e-commerce too.


We train the village youth to be skilled in the e-commerce field, especially in customer service, advertising, and administrative work. Training is free for the village youth. After they pass the test, they are listed in our talent pool and are ready to be hired by SMEs.

We also establish partnerships with SMEs to hire these youth. This allows the village youth to become these SMEs' e-commerce team members. This means that the village youth are able to secure a job without leaving their hometown. This will improve their welfare, and with many village youth staying in their village, it will also increase the development potential of their village.

On the other hand, the SMEs will be able to optimize their business on the internet with the help of skilled talents. While this is done remotely, their talents' performance is monitored and assistance is provided. The affordable salary also decreases SMEs' operating cost.

We have trained more than 1,300 rural youth and now 600 of them are being recruited by 250 SMEs and are getting a salary every month. Each month we distribute salaries to rural youth totaling over $100,000 & our monthly recurring revenue is $15,000 which comes from monthly admin fees paid by SMEs.

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