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LAWE Creative Space: AYA Special Program

Establishes a creative space for training and entrepreneurship development of diffable* children in the traditional handicraft industry in Indonesia.



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Social causes


SDGs covered

Endorsed by

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

Market of Implementation

  • Indonesia


The project is seeking to address the lack of job opportunity for the diffable, especially on handicraft and artwork field. In our last three years of collaborating, training and working with diffable groups, we found that children has a lot of artisan skill potential. Also, among the diffable, young women have the least access to the business environment.

Children with special needs who graduated from school merely come back home, do nothing, and become burden to their family for the rest of their life. Although they learned different kinds of life skills in the school, their parents still want to protect them and won't allow their kids to search for job opportunities, that are somehow very rare.

Their parents also don't have a support group to help them work together with their children on developing their own business that would bridge the children potential to the market. There is also not enough creative space and special tools that are dedicated for diffable children to building their capacity.


Provide a creative space dedicated for diffable children, complete with special tools developed for people with autism, intellectual disability, learning disability, mental health, physical disability, hearing loss and deafness, speech and language disorder, vision loss and blindness.

LAWE Creative Space conducts training for a specific group of disability especially on product and business development based on textile-craft. We also conduct training for soft skills, both for children and parents.

In the journey of the training programs, we will choose some champions and develop a collaboration business among them. It will be supported by LAWE production and marketing team. We will provide also business coaching program for them, and support group for parents and teachers of special needs children. We will build a network between stake holders that work in the same field and look for opportunities to access support.

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