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Online Blended Learning

Learn Education is providing an Online Blended Learning to help teachers to equip students with knowledge, skills, and abilities to become self-learner and responsible critical thinker and reduce education inequality.


Learn Education

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The Khon Thai Foundation is a social purpose organization that emphasizes upon the development of platforms enabling stakeholdersto be active on social issues.

Market of Implementation

  • Thailand


In Thailand, there are challenges to achieving an education. Over 2 million children are not educated (28% of all children) and about 1.8 million students (aged 6-14 years old) in the education system are underprivileged (https://isee.eef.or.th/national3/index.html, ISEE, 2019). Moreover, showing from the PISA scores (PISA 2018), Thai student scores are ranking at the bottom for all Math, Science and Reading which reflects severe poor quality in Thailand’s education system, and that also leads to other societal problems. Despite massive attention by the government, education quality still has not improved, as indicated by the low average score on the national examinations in recent years. In addition, the inadequacy of quality teachers is also one of the major problems. This causes the tremendously high student-teacher ratio, and there are a large number of teachers teaching subjects which they are not qualified. In addition, Thailand was ranked among the lowest of the participated countries in the equity in educational resources (PISA 2018).


Our blended learning platform serves school teachers with the purpose to improve students’ (beneficiaries) academic outcomes and close the gap in accessibility of quality education. The solution composes of 3 main components.
1. The core teaching content is designed to capture Thailand’s  education requirements. It is produced both in video files and aligning textbooks.
2. Learning software is designed to be a 1:1 learning platform, where students can personalize the speed of the content to fit their needs.
3. Implementation services involve understanding schools’ teachers and directors for us to adapt our product to fit their needs.

Since the COVID-19, we have improved our platform to be more complete for virtual learning system. The platform can be used anytime and anywhere with personal live coach and 24 h clear services to answer questions from students.

Our solution has proven to increase students’ motivation and engagement in learning in our user schools resulting in higher academic performance up to 40% (measured by national examination score) and lower the percentage of drop out rate 50% (for hill tribe schools). To consistently improve our quality, we use online surveys and individual interviews to understand our users in order to develop our implementation process.

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