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Playeum Ltd: Let Children Thrive through Creative Play in Singapore

As a registered Institute of Public Character (IPC) Charity in Singapore, Playeum takes a child-led, open-ended approach to play and the arts. Playeum works with all children especially from marginalised backgrounds and varying disabilities, to foster life skills, confidence and creativity.


Playeum Ltd

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The Community Foundation of Singapore

The Community Foundation of Singapore is a philanthropic organisation that seeks to inspire giving in Singapore through bridging donors to meet community needs.

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  • Singapore


Playeum believes that thriving children will become thriving adults. And in order for children to thrive, life skills like confidence, resilience and the muscle of creativity are needed.

Through our creative playful programmes, children have ample opportunities to build those muscles, and adding to the filling of their bucket for character development and future needs.


Thriving is MORE than just life skills, having a voice, being heard and having a say in matter that concern them. That's why Playeum works with others in the sector to address building towards the needs of a thriving child. We aim to work more with other stakeholders to look at how we can collectively support children, especially those that need it most.

As we put the child in the centre of our work, we also work with adults that engage with children. We share the approach we adopt and knowledge in working and holding space for children, to create safe spaces and opportunities to see and develop strengths and abilities.

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