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Liberty Society: Goods & Gifts for both People and Planet

Liberty Society is a social enterprise of eco-friendly & impactful B2B goods & gifts that empowers marginalized women. We partner with brands & corporates to meet the SGDs with their product purchases.


Liberty Society

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Liberty Society was created with a mission to empower women throughout Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia, and recognising various challenges along this journey.

The first challenge is a lack of eco-friendly and ethical fashion production houses for brands, and also a lack of eco-friendly and impactful corporate merchandise for companies. There is also no aggregate platform that is able to package artisanal eco-friendly and impactful social enterprise goods into hampers and merchandise for companies.

Next, current practices of corporate gifts are unsustainable, with deadstock merchandise and plastic waste produced by the FMCG, beauty & retail industries ending up burnt or tossed into the Ocean, further exacerbating the Climate Crisis.

Thirdly, we recognise that Women in Southeast Asian Societies are systemically disempowered, with a lack of access to economic opportunity, education and poor livelihoods. Furthermore, millions of women across the region face a high rate of domestic violence, discrimination, and sexual harassment. This is especially the case for refugee women, who are marginalised and often overlooked.


At Liberty Society, we are dedicated to our mission towards Women's Economic Empowerment.

Our Business Model starts with sourcing from eco-friendly fabrics and partnering with impact-driven artisans. We then repackage these goods into hampers and merchandise for our clients, and also make these high-quality goods easy to select, source and purchase directly through our website. Additionally, we also repurpose waste products from the FMCG, beauty and retail industries into value-added items such as T-shirts, pouches and tote bags.

What makes our work special is that a portion of our profits are reinvested into our "House of Freedom", our training programme that supports our community of refugee women and children through skills training, enrichment activities and mental health support. Through House of Freedom, Liberty Society has restored hope and dignity to women through skills building, employment and a loving community. Each woman is able to access a safe place to learn and earn to become self-sustaining and empowered individuals.

We also recognise that it is hard to cope without a strong community of support, and want these women to take pride in their hand-crafted work and provide for their own families. Our trainings utilise their strengths while still being sensitive, empathetic and keenly aware of their needs.

As such, we enable our customers to purchase responsibly for the people and planet, with each product having a powerful impact story behind it.

For more information on our work, do refer to our Pitch Deck.

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