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Develops the next generation of Cambodian leaders through innovative education, rigorous academics and community involvement in an effort to reduce the country’s need for foreign aid.


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Despite its rapidly growing economy, many Cambodians still struggle to access quality, basic services. Cambodia remains dependent foreign aid and the poorest ASEAN country by GNI per capita. What if the projects supported by this foreign aid could be developed, executed and funded by Cambodians? Human potential remains largely undeveloped. With 50% of the country’s population under 25, Cambodia’s future rests in the hands of its youth. Currently, we are not preparing students for the skills needed by today’s young adults. We need to, as best we can, predict future needs and boldly build learning environments to support those needs. We must enable the local population in Cambodia – and other countries – to overcome social, political and economic hurdles on their own. The country requires leaders who understand the landscape and who can effectively change it through innovative problem solving. These are the skills and leaders we develop at Liger Leadership Academy.


Liger works to reduce Cambodia’s need for aid by developing a new generation of leaders with the skills and commitment to create change. As part of our innovative educational model, students design and implement SDG-focused projects in and for the communities around Cambodia. Ligerencourages students to think deeply, brainstorm ideas, and plan and implement solutions to real problems. In this process, our students brought solar power computer labs and STEM training to rural schools, deployed artificial reefs to restore marine ecosystems, and hosted a gender summit to educate peers about gender inequalities. In 2018-19, 110 Liger students impacted 223,726 Cambodian beneficiaries through their Liger community projects. With a 50/50 gender split, Liger believes in mixing genders. To advance girls rights, boys have to be educated in and supportive of girls rights; the boys in our school are taught that girls are their equal.

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