Lighting Myanmar’s Off-Grid Households

SolarHome is aiming to expand operations to additional off-grid areas of Myanmar where low-income consumers can benefit from affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions.



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Endorsed by

Insitor Partners

Insitor Fund is a social venture capital based in Cambodia that provides equity and mezzanine funding to social enterprises in emerging and frontier markets.

Market of Implementation

  • Myanmar


Off-grid households in rural areas of Myanmar currently use high GHG emitting energy sources for lighting and electricity needs. Besides their negative impact on the environment, these products, such as kerosene and diesel generators, can fluctuate in price and cause negative health effects. SolarHome seeks to convert a large number of there households to reliable and flexibly priced solar products.


SolarHome’s solution of replacing fossil fuel burning energy sources with solar-powered, all-in-one household systems plays an important part reducing emissions. In most cases, households that have purchased a solar home system completely cease using their previous fossil fuel-based energy sources.

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