Yirui Little Dolphin CP centres

The aim of the project is to make effective rehabilitation accessible to CP children in China, helping them overcome physical disabilities and reduce related social problems brought by the sickness.


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Many families with CP children end up impoverished due to the illness and eventually stop seeking treatment, leaving the child disabled for life. The above situation also creates social problems such as high levels of poverty, high rate of divorce and high rate of abandonment of CP children, causing thousands living as orphans in state welfare homes. Existing rehabilitation methods for CP are mostly manual and depend largely on the skill and experience of therapists to produce results. Unfortunately, professionally trained CP therapists in China are scarce resources and treatment outcomes are hard to replicate under existing methods, often making treatment inaccessible to many. The large number of CP sufferers in China ( est. over 6 million) further compounds the above problems, creating a pressing need to discover more effective CP treatments/ rehabilitation methods and ensuring higher accessibility to these medical services.


Our proposed solution is two folds. First to provide both effective rehabilitation and second to make such medical services free and highly accessible.  We introduce bioelectronic therapy as an innovative alternative to treat spasticity in CP (the main cause of movement disorders). It is non-invasive and more effective than surgical methods. Treatment outcomes under bioelectronic therapy are predominantly controlled by a high tech medical device, absolving the need to hire expensive skilled therapists and thus lowering treatment costs. Treatment outcomes are replicable by automation making this method highly scalable to cover large numbers of CP children in China. “Yirui Little Dolphin CP Centre” will be set up within communities to make our rehabilitation within convenient reach, especially CP children from impoverish families. We will also train parents of CP children to performing home based therapy to ensure sustainability of our rehabilitation even after the children leave our centre and program.

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