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Localizing Robotics for Social Good

Localizes drone robotics through tech transfer and trainings in order to leverage and support the work of social good partners in humanitarian aid, development and environmental protection in Nepal.


Nepal Flying Lab

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Social causes


SDGs covered

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FHI 360

FHI 360 is a nonprofit human development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions.

Market of Implementation

  • Nepal


Global development projects improve the human condition by alleviating poverty and reducing inequality, for example. These goals, along with the other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), require data to be successful. The Nepal Flying Lab identifies local development needs that can be addressed using robotics solutions. Aerial robotics, for example, can help local partners map and monitor informal settlements, social infrastructure and waste management issues in more efficient and productive ways. We transfer relevant skills and robotics technologies to partners who want new tools to increase the impact of their development projects.


Nepal is confronted with a host of aid, development, public health and environmental challenges and opportunities. The Nepal Flying Lab identifies which robotics solutions might help overcome the most pressing challenges. We then team up with relevant Technology partners to make these robotics solutions, along with relevant skills, accessible to local Social good partners. We also provide the necessary skills and robotics technologies to our local Social good partners by offering hands-on professional training at our Flying Labs. Our local Social good partners document their projects and impact, and they share their lessons learned. We also organize a local business start-up competition and provide the winning team with seed funding to get started.

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