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LUUNA Naturals: Menstrual Health for Women

LUUNA serves women and girls across Greater China by providing education and products that support healthier and more environmentally-conscious attitudes towards menstrual and hormonal health.


LUUNA Naturals

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Through years of research across Greater China, we have seen how menstrual stigma contributes to many critical societal and environmental issues. Until we tackle this issue, we will not be able to properly tackle the most urgent issues society collectively faces.

Health and Wellbeing
1 in 10 women globally suffer from endometriosis, one of the long-term health conditions now linked to pesticide residue in conventional cotton and continued exposure to volatile organic compounds found in synthetic pads & tampons - 2017, Reproductive Toxicology Study.

1 in 3 girls in South Asia miss school because they do not have access to period products. This issue is also prevalent in Greater China, where thousands of girls and women miss life-changing opportunities like work and school simply because they menstruate.

The time it takes for the majority of big-brand tampons and pads to degrade is short-lived. The average person uses 11,000 of these in their lifetime, making this wasteful and non-environmentally conscious.


Our products are made using certified organic and skin-loving products, which do not compromise the environment. Currently, all our products use materials which keep the body safe from conventional cotton and non-cotton materials used in traditional brand products. We also have a 100% plastic-free range of products, through which we have already prevented almost 1 million plastic disposables reaching landfills and oceans.

Education and Policy
We have created a first-of-its-kind policy for schools, corporates and organizations through which we now serve thousands of staff and students across Greater China with access to period care, through both our products and education. This is distributed through a unique dispenser system.

Social Impact
We use a portion of profits from every sale to provide donations of products and education to vulnerable communities. For every one period cup we sell, one period cup is donated as well. By the end of 2021, we will have donated over 50,000 organic cotton pads to communities in need.

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