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M4I – Measure for Impact

The M4I tool is an open access monitoring and evaluation tool as a one stop solution for the measurement functions most critical to non-profit organizations (NPOs).


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One of the most frequent requirements has been around measurement metrics for programme outcomes. In addition to traditional programme metrics, non-programme, holistic factors are an integral component of Non-Profit Organisations programme delivery efforts which calls for identification of necessary, measurable attributes and parameters.

A robust M&E evaluation demands the need for the establishment of parameters at programme onset. Few NPOs' M&E system parameters have objective criteria for measurement, data transparency, data consistency across units, which is essential for a successful project outcomes evaluation. This often leads to poor identification of risks and factors that greatly influence project outcomes.

A majority of data currently being collected is qualitative and incomparable, and without a basis to measure it with, leads to highly optimistic ratings / feedback.


Monitoring and evaluation can help an organization extract relevant programs that can be used for programmatic fine-tuning, reorientation and future planning. One of the requirements and challenges are around measurement metrics for programme outcomes and defining quantifiable parameters associated with behaviour change as well as the mechanism for measurement.

A majority of NPOs have a system of measurement of programme impact but exists a significant potential to make the systems more robust.

The M4I is conceptualised to be an efficient M&E system catering to NPOs needs for tracking program outcomes and showcase demonstrable results. It is a cost-optimal, simplistic, standardized tool for utilization by multiple NPO partners across sectors and limited, adequate customization to NPO partners for programme specific parameters inclusion.

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