Making Medicines Available at an Affordable Price

The Making Medicines Available at an Affordable Price project will provide three years of affordable medicine to disadvantaged people in Dharwad, India, allowing them to access health care.



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Give2Asia is a U.S.-based organization that connects corporations, foundations, and individuals with charitable projects and social enterprises across Asia.

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The high cost of medicine in India has made it difficult for individuals to receive healthcare due to their limited financial resources. The WHO’s Medical Situation Report has stated that approximately 65% of Indian citizens do not have access to essential medicines, and the Planning Commission’s working group on drugs and food estimated that the country’s public health sector caters to only 22% of the population. Over 27% of the nation’s sick never consult a doctor because they lack the financial resources to do so. India’s National Sample Survey Organization determined that healthcare expenditures account for an average increase in poverty of 3.6% and 2.9% for rural and urban Indians, respectively. As a result, medical treatment has emerged as the second most common cause of rural indebtedness, and every year an additional 39 million people are pushed into poverty because of illness.


makingmed2Jagruti created the Dharwad Generic Drug House in 2014 to make medicine available at an affordable price for low-income citizens in the town of Dharwad in Karnataka state. The individuals most likely to visit the Dharwad Generic Drug House are those making a low income on daily wages, slum dwellers, and retired persons living on pensions.  To keep costs low, the center offers generic versions of drugs (which are just as effective as the more expensive brand-names), and currently receives approximately 200 visitors per month, though that number is expected to increase in the coming years.  Visitors to the center are often in need of long-term treatment for chronic, non-communicable conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, high-cholesterol, and mineral deficiencies. This project will support the Dharwad Generic Drug House for 3 years by helping it to purchase medicine, pay for the salary of its pharmacist, and cover some of the center’s administrative costs.  With the provision of this seed money, Jagruti believes that the Dharwad Generic Drug House will become a self-sustainable social enterprise through the low-cost sale of medicines for the benefit of disadvantaged people in Dharwad.

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