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Making Medicines Available at an Affordable Price

Jagruti is working towards making essential medicines available at an affordable price to disadvantaged people in the rural areas of Karnataka, India.



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In rural areas of India, procuring medicines for non-communicable diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension has become difficult for people to afford. Some pressing issues that occur when medication is priced at a higher rate:
  • Creating a debt trap for families who end up paying more than they can to purchase medicines.
  • It sometimes stops people from buying essential medicines due to their low purchasing power.
In addition to addressing the problem of affordable medication, the problem of purchasing unwanted medication at a high price point needs to be addressed as well. There are loads of medicines in the market that are not all scientific or useful to tackle a health issue. It makes awareness and education on adopting the right kind of healthcare practice important.


At Jagruti, we're addressing the issue of a high price point of medicines and lack of education on alternative healthcare practices in the following ways:


  1. Opening an outlet in the rural areas would help go a long way in establishing scientific and rational use of medicines, and provide generic medicines at an affordable price.
  2. Creating an understandable and readable material in the regional language of the rural area (Kannada), will help people in understanding the health care needs and treatments. In addition to that, conduct small group discussions and simple survey studies with the communities to raise awareness on health care practices.
  3. The central government of India initiated a program to promote generic medicines titled PMBJK (Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendra). We will make use of this project and implement it in the project area of Jagruti - which is in the village Bidi, Khanapur Taluk, Belagavi District in the state of Karnataka, India.
  4. Engage with policy makers in the community like the elected representatives of Panchayats (the local governing body of a village), State and Nationally elected representatives (like MLA - Member of Legislative assembly and MP - Member of Parliament) to address solutions to the issue of highly priced medicines.
  5. This project is based upon the WHO concept of Essential Medicines to provide priority health care needs to a population.

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