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Environmental Initiative to Go Green

Our innovation is to replace plastics and wood with seaweed extracts and byproduct. Following the trend in the direction of sustainability, our applications will be molded fiber packaging solutions.


Marine Innovation

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Social causes


SDGs covered

Endorsed by

MYSC (Merry Year Social Company)

MYSC is a leading social innovation consultancy & impact investor working mainly in Korea through impact network and partnership.

Market of Implementation

  • South Korea


The whole world is talking about plastic pollution. Plastics do no decompose Plastic disposal is even a greater concern. Now micro-plastic is coming back to people, in the ocean, in the air we breathe, in the food we eat. Good news is more than 50 nations are taking actions on plastic pollution to cut waste. With right idea for people and nature, Marine Innovation has already our first range of seaweed-based single-use plastics made from marine algae such as fruit-packaging materials, egg cartons, and paper cups and disposable plates.

People recognize that everyone has responsibility in driving real change and their behavior has an impact on the environment. What about starting by finding replacement for some of the common plastic items we use every day?


Our solution is ALGAE. With this green sustainable raw material, we have already launched our first ranges of seaweed-based products such as bio-plastic grocery bags, egg cartons/trays, bio-plastic cups, disposable plates and paper cups out of seaweed extract and byproduct. Seaweed byproduct which is waste, can be used as alternatives to wood. We're reusing the waste to transform into seaweed-based molded packaging. Seaweed byproducts' biggest potential lies in disposable packaging. We're working on the new generation of the tailored products from packaging to consumer goods.

How competitive are our seaweed products? Not only functional qualities, such as lower production cost, functionality, freshness sensor to detect and innovative technology but also our technological innovation to replace single-use plastics and wood with extracts and byproduct from seaweed is the driver of competitive success.

For more information, do refer to our pitch deck.

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