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Making quality 21st century education accessible to all, including out-of-school children in Asia and leapfrogging them into the 21st century economy.


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Yayasan Hasanah

Yayasan Hasanah is an impact-driven organisation that envisions a globally sustainable Malaysia with empowered communities and a well-managed environment.

Market of Implementation

  • Malaysia


On one end, 4th industrial revolution is making sweeping changes in all industries. At the other end, there are millions of youths who are left behind – whether by virtue of geography, economy, gender or disability. There is a huge gap between the private-schooled and public-schooled/unschooled youths’ knowledge, skills and their abilities to adapt to the demands of the 21st century industries and the businesses.


Me.reka provides 21st century education accessible for paying affluent and middle-class public school students. For disadvantaged public-school students and out-of-school children, Me.reka either provides scholarships to attend our programs or partner with donor organizations to make these programs available to them. Me.reka programs feed into immediate market and industry needs, preparing youths for the demands and opportunities of the 21st century. Me.reka programs will leapfrog disadvantaged students into the 21st century where they can be self-employed and benefit from online freelancing platforms. The education program also equips them with learning-to-learn skills which empower them to be their own educators.

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