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Mereka: Training Malaysia’s Youth for the Future of Work

Mereka is an Education & Technology centric social enterprise, focusing on running education programmes, accelerators, skills development and boot camps for underprivileged youth.



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Yayasan Hasanah

Yayasan Hasanah is an impact-driven organisation that envisions a globally sustainable Malaysia with empowered communities and a well-managed environment.

Market of Implementation

  • Malaysia


There is a myriad of valuable entrepreneurial resources that are underutilised in Malaysia and across Southeast Asia, with thousands of young people and budding entrepreneurs unable to access them.

As a consequence of this lack of access to tools, technology, spaces, content and expertise, many individuals - particularly those from the bottom 40% of income earners (B40) and other such marginalised communities - are unable to reach their potentials and contribute to society.

From a holistic perspective, such severe resource mismanagement along with community members’ unawareness of the untapped opportunities has resulted in a host of problems including the impediment of innovation, entrepreneurship, young talent formation and social mobility.

At Mereka, we have identified that the root of the issue is a highly fragmented information environment, where various hubs and individuals possess but cannot consolidate due to a lack of cooperation and longstanding “silo working” mentality. This has to change.


Mereka is hard at work to overcome these long-standing issues and unlock the entrepreneurial capabilities of these youth. We have put together various programmes to do so, such as:

Mereka Academy: Provides Future of Work Training and is designed and developed to equip youths with smart skills and know-hows that will enable and empower them to build a promising career in the 21st century. Youths are taught to recognize the shifts of the global career landscape and the growth opportunities in it, while understanding technological, environmental and social trends that will shape our next decade.

Mereka Connect: The Mereka Digital Platform is a first-of-its-kind platform that will solve the challenges mentioned above through a consolidated network of hubs. By connecting the machines, content, expertise and spaces housed in such hubs with youth, budding entrepreneurs and members of marginalised communities, the Mereka Digital Platform will unleash potential and build the infrastructure needed to create impactful, sustainable and scalable solutions through collaborative efforts.

For more comprehensive overview of our work, do refer to our Pitch Deck.

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