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Merit and Means Based Scholarships

Foundation For Excellence India Trust (FFEIT) is committed to its mission of helping economically underprivileged and academically bright students in India accomplish goals of pursuing higher education in India (BTech, MBBS, LAW & BPharm)


Foundation For Excellence India Trust

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In India, lack of quality education and access is one of the biggest challenges faced by India’s youth today. Poverty and its associated burden often prevents access to education at all levels and in many cases, lack of education can trap families in the cycle of poverty.

Many students, though academically brilliant, do not get the opportunity to leverage their inherent intelligence and reach their full potential. For the few whose families encourage them to pursue higher education, the prohibitive cost becomes unsustainable. These families do not possess the financial wherewithal to sustain the cost of higher education. In the absence of formal sources of support, these families have no option but to turn to unscrupulous money lenders for monetary support. Sustaining the education of their children becomes cost prohibitive and education becomes the first casualty. The impact of lack of higher education is felt not only by the scholars but also by their immediate families.

It is clear that there is a pressing need to tackle the lack of quality education and access to it in India, and Foundation For Excellence India Trust (FFEIT) has the solution for this.


At FFEIT, we aim to address the lack of quality education and access to it, to help the youth and students in India through the FFE Scholarship Program.

The FFE Scholarship Program ensures that a brilliant scholar from an economically constrained background can focus on his/her college degree, graduate successfully and gain employment as a Professional. Economic empowerment of individuals and their families in a single generation is the lasting impact of this program.

The program empowers the academically brilliant students from underprivileged backgrounds and brings a transformation in their lives and of their families in a single generation through financial scholarship awards.

FFE accomplishes its objective through its flagship Scholarship Program, wherein annual scholarship awards provide financial assistance for the entire duration of their professional education. This is supplemented with Skills Development training & mentoring to hone skills for employability. By removing barriers to learning and providing opportunities for skilling, FFE is removing inequalities that exist to provide a level playing field for all students.

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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