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M’Lop Tapang

M’Lop Tapang strives to protect vulnerable children in Sihanoukville who are at risk of being abused. Among other services, MLT offers children access to education and reconnects children and their families.


M’Lop Tapang

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Social causes



Millions of Cambodian live below the poverty line and millions more are “near poor” who hover just above the poverty line. They have inadequate access to health and education, limited options for employment and live in poor conditions. Children living in poverty are at increased risk of living or working on the streets, health problems, drug use, social isolation and discrimination, lack of education or access to safe employment, and various forms of abuse.


M’Lop Tapang works with vulnerable children, youth and families and offers temporary shelter, medical care, sports and arts, education and training, counseling, family support and protection from all types of abuse.

We are helping disadvantaged children to attend an education program. At M’Lop Tapang we have learned it is essential to address all the factors that were keeping the children from attending school before. This includes such things as providing books and school materials, free nutritious meals at lunchtime, appropriate medical care when needed, and counseling services. Also, early every morning M’Lop Tapang’s fleet of five big yellow buses travels around the Sihanoukville area to collect hundreds of children to bring them to school and every evening delivers them safely back home.

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