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Moreloop: Making Circular Economy a Reality for SMEs in Thailand

Moreloop curates surplus fabrics from quality garment factories and creates a market to allow SMEs to access quality fabrics at reasonable price. Its vision is to make circular economy a reality.



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Thailand's linear economy causes two major consequences to the environment. The first issue is carbon footprint that has been left throughout the production processes and logistics. And the second one is waste that results from irresponsible consumption and improper waste disposal.

Moreloop finds it crucial for businesses to take their share of responsibility and shift from a linear to a circular economy. Having a background in the textile industry, Moreloop is well aware of the increasing amount of textile waste and how much greenhouse gas fashion industries emit only to produce a single shirt. Also, there is no efficient and sustainable method to manage the dead stock, so the unused fabrics remain in the supply chain and eventually become waste. Each year Thailand produces over 350,000 tons of surplus fabrics, which equates to 700 million shirts. If these surpluses were not managed properly, they would be discarded to landfills and incinerators.

It is clear that there is a pressing need to tackle the issue of linear economy in the textile industry in Thailand, and Moreloop has the solution for this.


At Moreloop, we create a database of waste and underutilized fabrics produced by textile industries, both in Thailand and international markets, and build an online marketplace that matches wholesale and retail vendors.

Moreloop solves the pain point of garment factories through the following ways:
  1. Finding homes for their unused resources and dead stocks, while creating additional revenues.
  2. The marketplace gives retailers an access to quality fabrics which they can buy smaller amounts at reasonable price and take parts in the upcycling.
By adopting the concept of circular economy, Moreloop aims to reduce excessive productions and maximize the values of finite resources sustainably.

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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