Solar Drying in Myanmar

Introduces sustainable production of high quality dried food to increase the income of smallholder farmers in Myanmar using Solar Dryer Domes.


Natural Farm Fresh Myanmar

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Covestro (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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  • Myanmar


Everyday, at least 40% of the fresh harvest are gone to waste. Many farmers used the open air drying method to dry their fresh harvest and at least 50% are thrown away due to contamination. Furthermore, there are cancerous substance like the aflatoxin which is commonly found in dried chilies, nuts and soya beans if its not properly washed, processed or stored. These low income farmers could turn these food losses into quality dried products and additional income but they are lack of knowledge, technology and market access with better pricing, thus no incentives to improve.


Natural Farm Fresh (NFFM) Myanmar is committed to bring ‘farm to fork’ high quality dried products to consumers and innovative sustainable drying technology to benefit smallholder farmers. Our company purchases fresh chilies from farmers at slightly above market price. We also provide installation, training and consultation to food processors who are keen to invest in sustainable drying agribusiness. Besides being a producer, installer and distributor of the Solar Dryer Dome in Myanmar, NFFM also does processing of the dried chilies within their factory to ensure they are 100% free from alfatoxin.

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